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Dita Trunk Show August 17th, 2018

Dita Trunk Show August 17th, 2018

Join us for an exclusive Trunk Show featuring the latest collection of Dita eyewear. Dita is one of the few lines in the industry that truly delivers on what it means to be a luxury brand. The latest collection of Dita appeals to the most fashionable and discerning clientele. Dita creates discreet luxury with timeless shapes and innovative technology. 

On August 17, 2018, the entire collection will be available to shop in store from 11am-4pm. Come join us for wine, cheese and Dita. Frame styling will be available.





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A Closer Look at Anne et Valentin

A Closer Look at Anne et Valentin

Many of you know and love one of our favorite lines, Anne et Valentin. Because of their bold use of colors and designs, they have many devotees, us included. This line is dynamic and features a bold design aesthetic keeping them at the forefront of trends and design in the industry. Anne et Valentin remains an independent company and produces frames that do not necessarily appeal to the masses. Instead Anne et Valentin produces distinctive, meticulously crafted eyewear for people who desire more than “it all looks the same” eyewear.
Anne et Valentin was founded in the 1980's by a couple in France who were unsatisfied with the frame selection they saw and decided to create their own collection. This collection has it beginnings in Toulouse, France where the design still takes place. All of their frames are meticulously handmade. The acetate frames are crafted in Jura, a region in France known for the quality manufacture of acetate frames. All of the titanium frames are made in Japan, which is unrivaled in the production of quality titanium eyeglasses. 
Anne et Valentin's design team still follows the philosophy initiated 20 years ago which focuses on “creating noble and radical eyewear in which you are delighted to be yourself.” Anne wanted eyewear frames that evoked intelligence and maturity yet were artistic and playful as well. The design philosophy today remains true to its humble beginnings. “Our goal is to create collections full of energy, vitality, and freshness. Our frames have flash without being garish or gaudy, and timeless chic without being predictable. Anne et Valentin frames are inspired by our designers' desire to create for others what they would wish to wear themselves.” Though Anne is no longer designing the frames, the concept of creativity in the design hasn't changed. No matter what the trends are, they always make a stand on how to reflect personality through the times which ends up becoming the direction of the upcoming collections. "Anne et Valentin creates nothing that doesn't already exist within you. Our brand tirelessly cultivates its own singularity, listens to your insights and interprets your needs by responding with grace and precision. Sweet alchemy mixing geometric cuts, brilliant colors and materials; a frame should not only reveal, flatter and compliment, but be your signature. Between spontaneity and meticulous design, the collection, retains this taste for paradox."
Not only do they put very specific emphasis on the design process, but they maintain high standards in comfort. Being meticulous in the design process is key for Anne et Valentin. Not only do the aesthetics of design weigh heavily on the design, but the selection of materials has a large impact on the design as well. The overall goal is to create something special and beautiful, but something that is wearable and comfortable everyday.
One of the most special aspects of Anne et Valentin is their approach to selecting the right frame for each person. The original concept of selection process for an Anne et Valentin frame aims to pick a frame that fits the face, but also the personality of the wearer. The collection is meant to be worn by people who are not only open-minded with the world, but also themselves. They design for people who are not afraid of reinventing themselves throughout their lives. Anne et Valentin creates  frames that can be a signature trademark for the wearer, not just a fashion statement. The ultimate goal is to find a frame that highlights the best features of the person wearing it and expresses the personality of the person wearing it. 
Though we have many of the frames pictured online, nothing is better than having an experience finding the Anne et Valentin frame that is made for you! Come in and see what this amazing collection has to offer.
A Closer Look at Mykita

A Closer Look at Mykita

Mykita has long been one of our favorite lines. They are constantly searching for innovation both in design and the use of materials. At Mykita Haus, which is the headquarters for the company, they bring together expertise from all disciplines under a single roof. Mykita features many different lines and collaborations within their overall collection. The entire manufacturing process takes place in Mykita Haus in Germany.

Mykita No 1, No 2, Decades, and Lite are the most well known of the lines. All feature a different design aesthetic and different materials. No 1 is the line that laid the foundation for Mykita. Fashioned from stainless steel sheets, the frames are made into a three-dimensional structure through a series of bending and folding steps, similar to the Japanese art of origami. The modern principle behind the openly displayed spiral hinge represents the design approach that has influenced all the other Mykita collections.



The No 2 collection features acetate frames and has a unique open hinge based off of the original design of Mykita's spiral hinge. Collection No 2 is made of acetate and distinguished by an extensive color palette, including monochrome, patterned or translucent models, and everything in between.



The Decades collection interprets historical eyewear styles for the here and now. The distinctive aesthetic of the models stems from the translation of classic forms into a modern Mykita construction.


The Lite collection is defined by modern silhouettes and pure constructions. The Lite collection features full stainless steel frames as well as combination frames with lightweight acetate. The Lite design concept stands for supreme comfort in a refined aesthetic.

Other collections and collaborations Mykita has are the Mykita First (for kids and teens), Mykita Mylon (features 3D printed frames), Mykita Studio (the avant-garde collection for high fashion), and collaborations with designers Damir Doma, Maison Margiela, Bernhard Wilhelm. For more details on these collections, visit Mykita's Website.