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Dailies: Why you Should Wear Them

Dailies: Why you Should Wear Them

Daily contact lenses are simply lenses designed for use on one single day. Unlike "daily wear" contacts which are worn for an extended amount of time (usually two weeks to a month) and taken out at night, dailies are designed for single day use.

They come in a range of prescriptions and parameters are expanding every year. Most people that wear contacts can wear daily contacts, manufacturers have made daily contacts that now cover many of the strongest prescriptions, multifocal contacts, as well as toric lenses which can correct astigmatism. 

At TSO we prefer to fit patients in daily contact lenses for many reasons, highest on the list is the the health benefits from daily disposables. As we wear contact lenses, they can build up proteins, lipids, calcium and other substances found naturally in our tears. Daily cleaning certainly helps remove many of these deposits, but it doesn't remove 100 percent. The daily contacts are a great solution to this problem. They are convenient because you don't need a case or cleaning solution, and they are healthier for the eye because you don't experience the buildup on the lenses. Daily disposables are also great for people who struggle with dry eye or allergies. Some of the dailies even have a technology that helps to keep the lens lubricated and moist as you wear them. Technology is getting better every year and some of the contact lenses have a water content of close to 80%. 

The only downside to dailies is the cost. They do tend to be more expensive than contacts that are meant for extended wear. However, costs do vary depending on the material of the lens. Premium lenses made with the latest technology, like the Dailies Total 1, are the most expensive. This lens is made of a water gradient material and is the only lens of its kind. Though it is more expensive, it has such a high water content, many people who were unable to wear contacts because of dry eye issues are able to wear this lens comfortably. It has been a real gift for the dry eye patient.  Also, one thing to consider is that because daily disposables are not stored, there is no need to buy contact lens cases or cleaning solution, which does help to offset the higher cost of daily disposables. Hygiene is not a problem as the lenses are tossed at the end of the day reducing chances of infection from lens storage.

Most contact lens manufactures offer rebates as well that can range from $100-$200 for a year supply that can help close the gap between daily disposables and daily wear contacts.

If you are interested in trying daily disposables for the first time, or if you have failed in previous attempts to wear soft lenses, call us to schedule a fitting!

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